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But I comment the shit out of ONTD.
02 March 2008 @ 03:04 pm
Oh god, it's been so long since a day like today has come along... I have abosolutely nothing to do! Everything is for the most part done. I'm just killing time all day. It's amazing.

The weather is perfect, I'm healthy (small point, I know), and I'm in a good mood! Plus, I'm making sushi tonight. Always a huge plus.

All I want to do is surf the internet, read a good book, and write. Maybe watch a movie. The last one is most difficult because Amy is studying for her big biology test. Hmm.
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23 October 2007 @ 12:08 am

So, I am doing a group research project in my business management class. I have two sorority chick at my table, so I knew from the get-go that this was probably not going to turn out totally fabulous. Two weeks into the projects, these girls were defying some of my expectations by being very focused on the paper... Except that they wouldn't really let anyone else touch it.

We all wrote our sections, but they devied up all other responsibility. Then revised it. I offered to revise it again (we are suppose to, like, 20 times) and they said: "Well, let's vote on it." Um... Vote? ... Didn't I just say that I would revise? Like... Proof read? So I told them that it didn't matter what the vote was, I was still going to look over it. I mean, come on. And then, while proof reading their darling paper that "shouldn't have any errors because the two of us both went through it," I found tons of grammar errors. A couple of spelling. No big deal. Except that the paper is suppose to be 100% error free. That's why we ALL should proof read it, you dumb bitches!

So, I email it out and make a pretty big show this morning that I found errors. And that one of the dumb bitches needs to put in in-text citations. One of our other partners messages us all saying they need the finished sections and the same dumb bitch says her section is good because the writing center went over it. Oh wait! Except that you are the only one without any citing! Did you just come up with all that knowledge on your own?? Kkk. I hate control freaks. But I really hate control freaks that can't do it right.
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21 October 2007 @ 08:23 pm
I found this student travel agency that has really low prices.... Around $2000 for all sorts of 10 day trips. Basically, it's the trip that I missed out on taking during high school. That means that I'm going to have to save up my money, but I think that I'm going to be able to go in May or June... I'm pretty excited!

I talked to Amy and Timberlee/Amanda about going with me. Amy doesn't want to go to London, and that's one of the cities that I would most like to go to. Timberlee definitely wants to go to Italy. We also talked about Egypt... I would love to go there, but I that's not my top priority.

1. Paris -- the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, le Champs Elysees...
2. London -- my history! The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben...
3. Rome -- the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps....

I've dreamed of seeing these places for years... I remember how upset I was that my parents told me that I couldn't go with our school group. My mom was afraid to let me go. I just want to travel as much as I can before I'm not able to as easily...
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03 May 2007 @ 01:03 am
Right now I just have this numb feeling. I don't understand. I am so ready to see my friends, to go home... Its a really strange feeling to be SO sick and tired of some people but others that you want to see all the time.

I had an epiphany today: my life is never going to be the way it was a year ago.

I think that it takes sometime to fully realize that the high school experience is over... You still expect in some small way to walk the halls and see all your friends again. It's strange to remember the feeling of walking to class knowing every single person that you see. At college you sometimes feel like your lost in a mass of people. People don't walk each other to classes, they walk alone.

I wonder if I could have done more to make a lot of friends this year. I've been so fortunate to randomly make friends, and I really enjoy spending time with Bona, someone different than who I have had to see everyday. I love my roommates. I just feel that if I don't spend a huge amount of time with them I distance myself.

My relationship with Jake is unique in this way, I think. Over the past year, I've seen him...4 times? Months apart! Sometimes as much as 6 months apart... But after that, we easily fall back into the rhythm of talking, him opening up to me in the first 15 minutes of conversation. When we were hanging out all the time, it was only for about two months, so to have that kind of connection after so long is strange to me.

I have trouble talking to my best friend who I have hung out with on multiple occasions after she left for Joplin.

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21 April 2007 @ 01:27 am
Yes! That is right that is right, I didn't go to class today.

At all.... It was sweet, sweet freedom. Something that this summer (aside from working) will possibly be like.

I get to go to Silver Dollar City tomorrow! Yay! I'm sooo excited! There's a new swing ride that I am dying to try, I just hope that there isn't a HUGE amount of people there. That would suck. I haven't been in such a long time, and it will be an experience to show Bona! Exciting!

So, I turned in my Starbucks application today *crosses fingers*. My mom told me that she could probably get me a job there, she knows the manager. Pssh. I was told that they open at 5:30. Meaning employees have to get there at 4:45!! I put on my application that I could work 6-cl and the guy asked me if that was 6 am or pm. I was like, "Oh my god..........."


I really want the job, though!
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19 April 2007 @ 01:13 am
It's been a great day today! One significant(ish) thing and the rest tiny bits that add up. Hard to believe that Barton and I broke up last week... I feel nothing about it. Of course, I haven't had to see him. I totally aced my Biz Stats class, thank god. I bet the professor will be upset about our high averages again. It says a lot about this semester that my Biz Stats class is my favorite... Yikes!

I was so tired this morning from studying I nearly skipped my damn COM class. Jesus Christ, why does everyone have to be the worst public speaker? I mean, even if you haven't got skills, why not pick an interesting topic? One girl talked about wild horses. Wild. Horses. For 8 minutes!! AHHH! And someone talked about global warming, which I was saving for my persuasive speech, but there is plenty to elaborate upon. I hate when people talk about things that they don't even care about either. If you don't care about it, why should I?

I tried dressing up for Hot-Guy-in-French. He's beautiful. I was so excited when he waved at me yesterday! Gah, I want an actual relationship to happen for me once where I had the belly flop action going on. Cody? None. Barton? None. BBC Guy? None. Less than none.

Yes, don't you loved being called (after three days of "I'll call you later"s) while the guy is going into a tanning booth? A tanning booth?! "I'm naked in here, by the way." Yes, thank you so much for that visual.

Honestly, I have no idea why I'm remotely interested in this guy. Most of what he says completely grosses me out, but I have this tendency to find over the top guys attractive. Most of the appeal, I guess, is knowing that I'm not really that into him. I don't need/want a serious relationship. Even with the Greek god from French.

And I am telling you that he is beautiful! And knows French...

Michelle was really great today, helping me put together my LJ and giving me shit tons of CD's to burn. Merci beaucoup, Michelle!
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18 April 2007 @ 06:17 pm
I hate games. I hate when guys decide that they need to keep someone waiting, like it's a rule.

"Don't call until three days later!"
"Don't let her know how much you like her!"

Who the fuck cares? I don't even like the dude that much anyway, but I stratch my head, Why hasn't he called?


How cliché. A girl writting frustrations about a boy.